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Streamline & Extend Your HR Platform With Customize Our Workforce Management

Automate operational tasks by increasing your organization’s performance with solutions that support employees from shift scheduling to communication and improve employee productivity with our HR MetricS workforce management software.

Single Workforce Management Solutions To Integrate Every Hire To Retire In One Place

Control the experience your employees have at each point of the journey, just as you would for your consumers.


Appraisal Manager

Craft Incentive and Goal Evaluation

Our HR MetricS workflow management software provides a wide range of features that assist a business in sustaining its workforce effectively. The features of the appraisal manager aid in maintaining employee happiness.

Web-based Probation Manager

Easily track probation by carrying out the duties and achieving regular status. You should thoroughly assess the employee’s performance and overall suitability for employment during this time. With the use of this program, any employee performance rating can access information on rewards by entering his name and aim.
Appraisal Manager


Expatriate Process

Get a global Mobility perspective

An end-to-end workflow and compliance solution that covers everyone from business travelers and cross-border commuters to remote and posted workers can help you manage your distributed workforce. HR MetricS provides tools to keep your staff and company operating with risk assessments, automatic notifications, and in-app initiations.

Remote Work

Employee requests for remote work are tracked, evaluated for risk factors like permanent setup, and the approval procedure is streamlined.

Business Travel

Produces scheduled and ad hoc reporting on business travel and oversees the management of travel authorizations and the monitoring of tax and immigration thresholds.

Staff on Board

For a flawless online experience, automate your whole immigration procedure and give managers and employees access to real-time status updates.


Exit Confirmation

No strain anymore

Create personalized letter and feedback templates, then set them aside. The exit confirmation procedure is automatically started as soon as the confirmation due date approaches and assigned to the task owners in the inbox for approval.

Make letters with a single click

Confirmation letters are automatically issued to new members after approvals are received, and profiles are automatically updated.

Automatic letters generated

Once approvals are in place, exit confirmation letters are auto-sent to the employee, and profiles are auto-updated.

Know what's coming up

To find the status, go to the smart global search and enter the employee’s name. You can also simply check the insights dashboard to see what needs to be done.

Departing Employee's Checklist

Exit and Clearance

The final day, done perfectly

Manual Clearance is no longer possible

There will be no more departmental follow-ups. Define and notify the task owners, and automatically start the clearing checklist before the employee’s last day. Final balances are automatically credited and coordinated with payroll.

Momentous Leaving

Make your employee feel appreciated by conducting a customized exit interview and, if necessary, recording feedback.

Final settlement without back and forth

Final settlement with a single click that complies with payroll and leaves a good impression on the departing employee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workforce management support companies to enhance their performance by furnishing several capabilities including streamlined processes for managers and employees, shift scheduling, task automation, and improved communication and engagement.

Within HR MetricS, a workforce management system provides essential functions. These comprise equipment for:
● Payroll
● Benefits administration
● Time and Attendance
● Scheduling
● Performance and talent management
● Career development

With fewer delays and misunderstandings, workforce management software may help you keep your labor costs under control and increase profits. As measurements are shared, your staff will be able to work independently and with a stronger sense of perspective. Giving workers the resources they require to keep track of their hours, seek time off, and examine timetables may increase satisfaction and perhaps potentially retention.

HR MetricS ensure optimal use of employee time, promote effectively and deliver the tools necessary for e client business operations. Organizations can increase productivity and profitability with the right WFM software.

Inventions features keep pace with workflow management software

Time & Attendance

Employees can check their own time, attendance, and accurate details with digital time clocking by using Attendance Board.

Absence Management

With cloud HR MetricS software, manage accrued time, attendance policies, and leave cases automated by quickly access, attendance policy, Track leave requests, eligibility, documentation reward, and discipline tracking.

Analytics & Reporting

With HR MetricS built-in analytics options help to view and analyze various metrics and utilize that data to create reports and dashboards that offer insights into productivity, cost-effectiveness, and income.

Future Forecast workload

Using historical data, such as prior average handling times and resolution times, HR MetricS software lets you forecast and compute the correct number of agents needed to answer client inquiries at certain time intervals across numerous channels.

Shift Schedules

You may optimize your shift schedules and maximize agent productivity by using HR MetricS software, which offers you visibility into agent availability, scheduling preferences, productive hours, and skill set.

Employees Details Preventing

Our HR MetricS software can easily access the historical workforce performance data to either increase or decrease headcount to manage the workload in WFM tools.

Track Workforce KPIs

Can track the workforce performance and get granular insights on employee productivity and performance/ KPI Assessments with our HR MetricS WFM application.

Mobile Accessibility

Employees may track by using the HR MetricS apps to measure the time spent on each work and save the information for future use directly on their mobile devices.

Why Choose Workforce Management system From Systems Solutions?

Get to know the workforce management (WFM) solution that leads highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. It’s WFM simplified. Effective workforce management software enhances both the employee and customer experience while assisting your company in achieving its objectives.
To get the most out of your workforce management platform, HR MetricS can help you align the capabilities of each key participant and lead you through vendor evaluation, workforce software demo, and sales processes.

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