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Leveraging The Appropriate Recruitment Management System Will Change The Way You Recruit!

The Recruitment module in HR MetricS Software automates and manages your Organization’s recruitment and staffing operations, simplifying the process from start to finish. Then, you can effectively manage multiple applications and initiate the onboarding process.

The Robust Recruitment Management System – HR MetricS

It is difficult to improve your hiring process without knowing where the problems lie. HR MetricS recruiting software includes reports and analytics to measure your time-to-hire, identify bottlenecks, and spot inconsistencies along the way. Its recruitment software that helps you hire more efficiently, enhance the candidate’s experience, and maximize your employer brand.

Recruitment Management

Smart Talent Sourcing

Eliminate all the Paper work
Employee experience starts with recruitment. HR MetricS is a combination of an applicant tracking system and a candidate relationship management platform that allows HR teams to fill roles quickly and efficiently.

HR Planning

HR planning is one of the simplest metrics you could track as it represents the overall number of employees at your organization. You can also track the employees and the distribution of employees by each department and by the designation .

Automated Hiring process

Here’s how the technology can do wonders for your hiring process. Create a seamless experience by eliminating manual data entry and frustrating paper documents, all while providing a great candidate experience. The organizational structure will help you to get the count of filled and vacant position for each designation.

Rapid Hiring

Set up, Schedule, and invite prospects for interviews, evaluate their performance, extend offers, and manage to negotiate job terms. HR can simply create a hiring announcement based on the vacant.
Talent Sourcing

Recruitment Stages

Application Management

Illustrative work fairly

List your Opening

Create a job opening based on the Position vacant, list the skill set, number of openings, dates, and other recruitment info in simple steps.

Track & Manage Applicant

Receive the application and move all the related document like Resume, Certificates, Experience letters etc., in a single record.

Define the Recruitment Stages

Our HRMS product helps to segregate the candidate list by the different stages. So the recruiter can track the candidate by the different stages like Pending, Cleared, Selected, etc.

Candidate Sourcing

Schedule Interview

Spot, Interview, Score Great Talents

Similar to how the early bird gets the worm, quick and skilled recruiters identify the best talents. You can schedule interview with the details of interviewer, location and time, etc. More top talent can be attracted to your company the more clever and efficient your hiring procedure is! Identify and comprehend each candidate’s strategic capabilities with our effective recruitment management software.

Schedule Interviews Times

In order to avoid misinformation, schedule as many rounds of interviews while stating the interviewer’s name, time, location, and date. An email is sent to both the interviewer and the interviewee to confirm the appointment.

Candidate to Staffs

Job Confirmation

Our offer letter manage it simple for you to distribute offers as soon as you learn that a candidate has pleased the interviewing panel. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be making a tempting offer and onboarding the new employee. Quicker hiring processes, quicker productivity times, and content hiring managers.

Convert candidates to Staffs

Make the most of the integration between our recruitment module and Staff Information. You can just create a staff entry once the candidate gets selected with the easy steps. You can use Candidate ID to fetch the staff detail.

Request approvals

The authorized person can review the Application and all other related details to the interview and can approve it. Now, before sending an offer letter to a candidate, you can send the system-generated document for internal review.

Send a letter of offer

You may share the candidate’s final, accepted offer letter directly from the system, and you can determine whether they accepted it or rejected it.

Personalize sample offer letters

Create unique offer letter templates for different positions

Onboarding Process

Staff on Board

Maintain Potential's Engaged

Streamline the onboarding process for prospects by moving them there. Create employee profiles, upload salary information, and use automated emails to digitally acquaint the team with the new hire.

Fill out your new joiner’s documents

Utilize a shared link created by HR MetricS to update the new employee’s profile and papers in the system before they start working there.

Engage your recent hire

Keep the employee informed of company updates and showcase your work culture by using the opportunity to send personalised, engaging emails. Don’t wait to engage the employee from the moment he joins.

Personalize sample offer letters

Create unique offer letter templates for different positions

What are the 6 stages of the recruitment process

Understanding and Planning

Once you have settled down the qualities you require, post the job descriptions in detail. Getting ready involves determining needs, drafting a job description, planning the recruitment process, and locating sources of candidates and job portals.


Putting up job postings, signing up for recruitment networks, getting referrals, adding and processing data, and looking at current applicants. However, you can utilize an employee referral program as well.


Written/online test, in-person interview, and thorough evaluation. It would help if you had good connectivity in searching for candidates.

Application screening

It is the third stage, happens for the bulk recruitment process. Fulfilling fundamental criteria, identifying qualified candidates, and prioritising the most qualified to choose one or as necessary. When screening, teams review the applicants’ resumes to shortlist qualified candidates.


Interviewing the candidates is the fourth stage. Here you must scrutinize the candidate’s CV and ask detailed questions about their specific domain, experience, skills, etc. Being gentle, friendly, and having a positive vibe are key to conducting a successful interview.


Creating the offer letter, defining the terms of the contract, verifying the acceptance of the offer, checking the applicant's background, and making the choice

Frequently Asked Questions

HR MetricS recruitment software is a tool that aids recruiting managers in developing their procedures for various job openings. Hiring managers can set up personalized degrees of requisition and onboarding for them because each job demands a different approach to requests.

Recruitment systems were developed to automate tasks that would otherwise burden recruiters. Therefore, automating the time-consuming procedures associated with the recruitment process is one of the key characteristics of HR recruitment software. A recruitment management software has the following 5 features:

● Software integration that is simple and effortless
● Candidate administration
● Teamwork in Recruiting
● an intuitive and user-friendly interface
● Analytics reporting and dashboard

Yes, you can assess the effectiveness of each recruitment a recruiter makes and judge the latter on the basis of that evaluation. After each recruitment, there will be a choice for grading the recruiters based on the hired human resources.

When an applicant applies for numerous positions at once or appears qualified for several, their names can be listed in a variety of job postings. HR Managers may organize and track candidate applications using recruitment management software's user-friendly interface.

Why Choose recruitment software by HR MetricS?

We are providing a good quality Recruitment Portal in Maldives When it comes to human Recruitment Portal software, HR MetricS is unrivaled. The most effective way to identify the perfect personnel is with the use of HR MetricS Software. Time is saved, productivity is increased, and the hiring process is completely transparent and visible. With HR MetricS, you can choose a recruitment management system that automates the candidate lifecycle and guarantees a positive applicant experience. With our HR MetricS suite, you can easily manage the employee lifecycle and devote more time to interpersonal contacts rather than HR procedures.
The hiring process is made simpler by AI-enabled sourcing, profile parsing, applicant fit screening, and a digital connection with candidates. You don’t need to seek further when there are 8 distinct ways to add candidates to your database, auto-sourced, and auto-assessed. Switch to our digital recruitment software to adopt a new standard!

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