Performance Management 

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The Appraisal Management module provides you with various tools to measure and assess employee performance. The questions and the marks can be customized based on their needs. Based on the results, you can evaluate your employees on behavioral metrics.

Know How Our HR MetricS - Performance Management Software Can Benefit Your Business

Goal Settings

Performance Assessment

Managers can easily conduct efficient, streamlined, and easy-to-evaluate performance reviews that aid in identifying top performers and determining outliers when performance data is centralized kept.

Set your Rating Category

The rating category helps to do the evaluation based on the types such as Superior evaluation, Self-evaluation, Attendance score. Also you can set the different types of questions for each category. The notification will send to the evaluators and you can manually share the Evaluation link generated Creating a goals-driven and high-performance professional culture focused on individual and business growth.

Objectives and Key Results

The OKR from HR MetricS aids in coordinating employee objectives and performance with business goals. To triumph in business success & development, establish precise goals with quantifiable outcomes.

Continuous Feedback

Annual Appraisal Cycle

Automated performance appraisals

You can run appraisals in precisely the way you want to. Include all your appraisal process steps with the timelines and processes that work for you. While self-appraisals gives employees a better understanding of their work, multi-rater reviews gather feedback from the people they actually work with.

Appraisal Letter Distribution

Style-wise announces salary adjustments. Your HR team can distribute evaluation letters quickly, easily, and hassle-free to a customized system-triggered email.

Salary Hike

You can simply define the budget and allot salary hike respective to the obtained score.

Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations can monitor employee performance at the organizational, departmental, and individual levels with the use of an employee performance management System – Maldives. Peer feedback, 360-degree feedback,
one-on-one meetings, OKRs, goal-setting, and monitoring are some of the features it offers. An effective performance management system should also offer useful information that managers can use to recognize top and bottom performers and track employee performance throughout the whole company.

You can expand your business performance and encourages employee development with HR MetricS performance appraisal software – Maldives. Some of the top features of the performance management software include:
● Goals setting and management
● 360-degree feedback
● Normalization analysis
● Reward and recognition

It offers numerous benefits to an organization. Some of the top performance management benefits include:
● Organizations are able to make strategic decisions thanks to regular performance assessments.
● Employee performance is enhanced with the aid of performance evaluation, which boosts organizational productivity.
● Top talent may be found and kept with the aid of performance management.
● Making educated judgments on punishment and promotions is aided by it.
● Identification of training requirements is aided by performance management.

Performance management involves the assessment of an employee’s performance keeping in mind the present and the future. Performance appraisal evaluates an employee’s role in the organization based on past performances.

There are different types of performance appraisal methods and some of them are as follows:
1. The 360-Degree Appraisal
2. General Performance Appraisal
3. Technological/Administrative Performance Appraisal
4. Manager Performance Appraisal
5. Employee Self-Assessment
6. Project Evaluation Review
7. Sales Performance Appraisal

Why Choose HR MetricS For Performance Management System?

HR MetricS boosts employee performance around critical moments in talent development. With our cutting-edge software and top-notch assistance, get rid of your manual procedures. To attract, hold onto, and engage your workforce, make more intelligent decisions.
To simplify the processes involved with employee performance reviews, we developed specialized performance appraisal software. From recording one-on-one discussions to merely enabling open dialogue between internal staff members, our technology can swiftly fit with each unique company’s performance procedures and capture all the pertinent information involved.

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