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HR MetricS Software To Endure Your Team's Performance and Productivity to The Next Frontier

Managing people is challenging. Utilizing our HRMS Software will help your growing business easily collect, store and organize all the employee information in one place. Make the most of your time and optimize procedures to boost productivity.
HR Metrics are the key figures that enabled HR Consulting Services to do the various actions on different aspects such as Hiring & Applicant tracking, HR and Payroll Systems- Management, Performance engagement, Workforce Management. Measuring these kinds of aspects —what’s working well, what needs improvement, and what trends to expect in the future—helps organizations figure out their people strategy.

All-in-one 360° HR MetricS Software for Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

We are supporting all kinds of organizations to create a more robust, flexible, efficient, and elegant HR function while assisting firms’ employee experiences and insights with future-ready Cloud HR Software.

Know your Employees

Staff Information

With HR MetricS Software, all your employee information lives in a single, secure database, with powerful reporting tools and seamless editing capabilities at your fingertips.

Keep you employee Information Safe

With HR MetricS Software you can quickly store and retrieve your employee records. HR MetricS is designed to be an employee self-service application, but at the same time, you can control which information can be updated by the employee.

Employee Data at Your Fingertips

You can quickly retrieve information about a staff member such as nationality, age, next of kin, languages, employment details and documents related to the employment. Also HR MetricS can help you answer questions such as which employees are belongs to which countries.

Get overview of employee

Combining different HR processes into a single, platform-wide system that exchanges data and generates reports. An example of a common scenario would be the dissemination of employee data to payroll, benefits, and time and attendance once it has been input during onboarding

Manage Organization

Build your Organization

One Admin panel to manage your entire Organization

HR MetricS Control panel gives you one central location to define all your policy setting such Organizational structure, Attendance setting, Salary policy etc.,

Manage Your Team through Facilitation

To manage and change settings like organizational structure, attendance & adjustment settings, other remuneration settings, holiday settings, salary settings, and leave settings, we’ve created a god-views control panel in our HR MetricS Software.

Structure of the Organization

You may view all of the information for a specific organization depicted, including the entity, smart code, and other details, in a single panel.

Can frame up your organization from single or multiple companies

No matter the size of your business, whether it is a corporation with various business divisions or an industry with several enterprises, you may customize our HR MetricS suite to meet your needs.

Employee's Notification

Notification & Alerts

Instant Notifications

See All Your Update In Palm Point

Allowing the employees to scroll back and see what they’ve missed and stay on top of your screen whenever they need to see it.

Mailbox Notifications

Receive notifications for any new tasks, announcements, or events in your HR MetricS mailbox. To find out how many new messages you have received, check your Home feed.

Notifications through Pop-Up

When using HR MetricS on the road, be informed with Push alerts on your mobile device.

Notifications by Email

Even when you are not signed in to HR MetricS, you may still get daily emails that summaries your unfinished activities and developments.

Employee's Database

Personalized Dashboard

Panoramic Platform to Know All Details

Employees can have a bird’s-eye survey of their General information in the Graphical view. The pieces of information such as Attendance Score, Monthly Payable Graph, Leave History, and Action summary.

Leave Policy

Leave Tracker

Fully customizable leave policies

Your employee can manage multiple leave types with configured leave policies.

Personal Leave Tracking System

A leave tracking system records the current leaves that employees have taken over a certain period of time and tracks their current leave balance. Along with these figures occurrence of leaves, available types of time off, General absenteeism trends among employees, and Average duration of absence.

Accurate Leave Approval Workflows

With each leave policy, the employee needs to get approval. It’s up to the employee whether they get approval from their reporting manager, an HR partner, or not at all.

Holiday lists

For every regional or location-based Holiday lists are published in the employee panel.

Salary Structures

Unified Salary System

Automatically Calculating payroll

Payroll Software can be processed in a few easy steps by creating pay slips online that include a thorough explanation of taxes, allowances, and deductions.

Embrace diverse salary structures

For your employees, leads, and managers, make several pay slabs and attach the proper template to each one.

Employee's Data

Fetch Accurate Employee Data

We Extremely Care About The Employee Details

Crystal View Of Employee

Delegate your employees to access the application through an automated process, obtain Leave Approval, perform the necessary task assigned and approved, training requests, letter requests, etc

Ease Editing & Adding

Upload, modify, and change employee data quickly when you wish to add new fields or make new sections.

Employee's Skills

Improve Employee Talent

Enrich the Employee Skill

We introduced these choices to support your employee’s skills in order to highlight and enhance their strengths.

My Training

Activities are regarded as educational inside a company if they help employees develop their skills and knowledge while teaching them how to better perform specific duties.

Course Management

Any business that is dedicated to the growth of its personnel will flourish and advance. The majority of a company’s assets are its employees, therefore caring for them also means caring for the organization as a whole.


Remember that each employee will have different learning preferences and methodologies as you create learning materials and training programs for them, just like the rest of the workforce. Make sure you have materials available for each type of learning style

Frequently Asked Questions

Our HR MetricS software is practically a centralized system of human resource records. Its initial task is to do data entry, management, and tracking of HR operations. The world of work is constantly changing, and hence, the cloud HR Software in the Maldives is continuously upgraded to be tech-driven, people-centric, and data-rich.

Once your organization's HR MetricS software will consolidate all your employee data into a single database after it has been implemented, additionally, it will automate repetitive HR procedures, simplify access to employee data, and gather information about your employees as needed.

Even though HR Management software has been deployed to assist HR with its functions, it ends up going above and beyond to help the company in the following ways-
● Can help the company by staying compliant

● Can increase the efficiency of your crew
● Can amend employee experience
● Can permit you to save and make more money
● Can reduce data to help you make better decisions

● Employee database and records

● HR dashboards
● HR insights and analytics
● Team attendance calendars
● Absence management and tracking
● Annual accruals and carry-overs
● Scalability when it comes to your needs
● Effective integrations.
● Employee self-service portal
● Mobility and accessibility
● Powerful customization according to your company's needs

As top-leading HRMS for Construction Companies in the Maldives, we offer the very best in customer support. Give us a call or email us and we’ll help you get the full support available 24/7/365 you need to get the most out of Systems Solutions.

Why Choose HR MetricS Software?

HR MetricS Software is an enterprise-ready HR Management software – Maldives that will enable enterprises/corporates to automate their entire post-recruitment HR functions from onboarding to final separation seamlessly.

A customizable workflow management engine is part of our HR Consulting Services – Maldives, which makes it easier to integrate all the organization-specific activities effortlessly. The exhaustive core module covers all HR activities including employee onboarding/off-boarding, employee database management, Training and skill management, training & need analysis, content distribution & management, promotions & transfers, performance appraisal, separation, etc.

Think about how the use cases listed below demonstrate how digital HRMS software helps corporate strategy and digital transformation:

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