Attendance Management System

Robust Attendance Management System That Makes Punching Attendance Engaging In Real-Time is the real deal!

Working without real-Time and Attendance Systems work is challenging and requires compromise. Real-time automation of attendance facilitates the online operations and boosts output.
Attendance Management System

Cloud Attendance Management System You Will Ever Need to Empower your employees

Superficial time and attendance management software will automate the calculation of team pay, time off, holidays, and more.

Time tracking

Know exactly where the time went

Set up policies based on your necessities using our Employee Leave management System

Put some or all of your staff on automatic attendance, enable flexible or stringent policies, turn on activate policies, and activate deductions—do it all any way you like.

Attendance Regularization

Regularize attendance by updating the data with the manager’s approval in the event of unforeseen hardware failure or human mistake. The Manager / Superiors can easily review timesheets and approve it by one-click.

Pick an attendance cycle

Choose the cycle that fits your paid days calculation process- Calendar, manual, actual, or optimistic to process the attendance seamlessly.

Fix attendance calculation

Choose the attendance calculation process that works best for your business—Min-Max, timesheet, or odd-even—and take advantage of accurate work hours calculations that are completed automatically each time!

Rule-based Attendance

Additional opportunities to build unique criteria for the computation of overtime and late arrivals based on employee category and designation.

Graphical Attendance Views

On the employee dashboards, they can view their attendance in Day wise, Week wise, Month wise, Quarter year, Half-year, or Full Year in the form of graphical views.

Excellent Reports

Can view or downloads the attendance in Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly reports in the Employee Leave Management System.

We manage your leaves

Absence Management

Structure your leaves

Fix the total amount of paid, CSL, and earned leaves in the system while limiting it to a specific workforce or o ce location. Create various leave categories and assign each one a code in the system. Select the leave cycle, among other things.

Decide on your credit policy

There is no need to recall or exert yourself for a manual upgrade. Add the names of additional leave regulations. New leaves are also automatically credited by the system at the beginning of the month.

Update leave balance

Once you’ve imported the leave balance, you can start the leave credit scheduler and stop worrying about manually updating the leave balance ever again.

Redeem or carry forward

Indicate which paid leaves you want to cash in. Set the minimum leave balance, enable the leave to carry forward policy, and do a lot more.

Mobile Leave Application & Approvals

Employee can apply leave from anywhere through the Mobile application. Input specific Dates, leave type & reasons. Email & Push notifications are sent to the respective managers for approval.

Shifts Schedules

Work Shifts

Specify & execute schedules like a draft

Take numerous shifts

To simplify the process, start creating as many different shift types as necessary while also establishing the shift rotation policy.

Set up the parameters

On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, oversee the shifting policy to accommodate the requirements of various departments.

There is no last-minute rush

The shifts of their teams can be added and edited by line managers in addition to HR, preventing any last-minute computations that could result in mistakes

Utilize the shift allowance provision

Set the scenarios and amounts for which you wish to provide shift allowance to your staff so that no extra effort goes unrecognized.

Identify your superpower

In only a few clicks, an HR can import bulk shifts or overwrite any errors.

Multiple Shifts Scheduling

To provide total flexibility, set up staff shifts and week offs based on corporate standards and precise times.

Shift Time

Work Hour Adjustments

Control various work schedules according to your workforce

Specify policy

Mark the minimum number of hours per week that your staff should work. Set the shift start and end times, the maximum login time for a full day of attendance, and other parameters to record employees as present or absent each day.

Flexible Shifts

Utilize the HR MetricS to note the entire number of hours worked as well as the morning break time so that staff will feel relieved if they are running late for whatever reason.

Inflexible Shifts

Change the shift times to instil more discipline in your company. For instance, 9 am to 5 pm so that if the employee arrives after 9 or departs before 5, the biometric attendance software records him as half-day missing.

Break shifts

Which has specifically designed with the in business in mind, can be used to calculate the overall number of work hours throughout the day after deducting the hours-long breaks taken during the shifts.

Grace Period

Permits the employees to define grace periods for work start/end times and overtime start/end times

Instantaneous calendar release


Move the floating holidays around

Make a calendar of holidays that lists all the fixed and limited holidays for the entire year. Impose a cap on the number of days off that people may take during such days. Employees can submit a question on the helpdesk management software if they have any inquiries.

Make Multiple Calendars

Stop creating calendars occasionally in various locations. Create several calendars once, then quickly publish them.

Pay or compensate

Overtime & Compensatory time off

Pay or compensate for extra hours smartly

Put a cap limit

Set the minimum number of hours to apply for overtime, the time to round off the overtime, the OT (overtime) generation algorithm, the OT hour cap, the OT multiplier’s availability, and many other parameters to define your overtime and comp off policy.

Dive deep into the smallest details

Mark the days on which you don’t wish to pay overtime and define the break deductions. The produced comp off expires automatically when the date for comp off attendance that you choose has passed.

Put an end to the chase

Following a straightforward two-step verification process, the first employee confirms whose boss approved the overtime hours after which.

Frequently Asked Questions

A business application known as attendance software collects employee attendance data from various locations, enabling managers to track employee availability in real-time, allocate workers to various shift schedules, and compile the data on an ongoing basis to feed into the payroll system.
Employees may view their own attendance, overtime, shift schedules, holidays, and weekly off times using the attendance software. They can also ask their supervisors to make required corrections to their attendance upon request.

The process of keeping track of an employee's attendance involves recording when they arrived at work, where they went during their shift, how long they were there, and when they departed. Employee attendance is monitored to make sure they are present where they are expected to be. Employee tracking is done using GPS and time attendance devices.

The purpose of an attendance system is to ensure that employees are reporting to work on time, leaving work as per plan, and spending their time at the sites where they are supposed to be. An attendance system enables managers to monitor real-time employee availability, shift-wise employee strength, tardiness, and so on.

The software is free forever for a limited number of users. You can upgrade to higher versions at any time.

Time Attendance Devices communicate with the Attendance Software in real time. This enables the Attendance Software to generate fully automated
real-time reports for the Management. The raw data received from Time Attendance Devices are processed with the pre-defined company policies to generate information meaningful to the organization. The attendance system is integrated with the payroll software to enable fully automated payroll processing.

Why choose Attendance management software by HR MetricS?

With the use of attendance software, you can automatically track your employees’ time and attendance in accordance with corporate laws and procedures while also gathering data from a variety of sources. To get employee punches from the device and determine daily attendance based on the day or the work hour, attendance software interfaces with attendance devices. In line with the regulations that apply to an individual employee or group of workers, it also computes total work hours, overtime, late in, and early out for each employee.
Here are a few major aspects of Systems Solutions Professional that may assist any business, large or small, in keeping accurate and thorough records of employee time and attendance.

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