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Many businesses need an HR Management System for the enterprise. For that, the turnkey we are providing our HR MetricS suits all business people ruling the world.  It has developed using Microsoft technologies to aid our clients in accomplishing their business objectives. We support the following aspects.

Mission To Save 1 billion HR Hours With Our Top HRMS Software

People+Strategy for the #FutureOfWork, we nourish Intelligent Progression, Performance Management, Easy User Interactions, Inevitable Discernment, Learning, and Employee Engagement for a high-performing workplace all power packed in one.

Prosperous Features You Should Look At In Our

Human Resource Management System

HR Desk

Managing people is challenging. Utilizing our HRMS Software will help your growing business easily collect, store and organize all the employee information in one place. Make the most of your time and optimize procedures to boost productivity.
HR Metrics System are the key figures that enabled HR to do the various actions on different aspects such as Hiring & Applicant tracking, Payroll Management, Performance engagement, Workforce Management. Measuring these kinds of aspects —what’s working well, what needs improvement, and what trends to expect in the future—helps organizations figure out their people strategy.

Staff information

Build your Organization

Notification Management

Personalized Dashboards

Leave Tracker

Unified Salary System

Fetch accurate Employee data

Improve Employee Talent

Work Force

Our Workforce management solutions can be deployed as an enterprise-wide and through mobile platforms. This results in expensive overtime, non-productive times, high fluctuation rates, bad customer service and also opportunity costs being incurred.

Replaces strenuous paper-based

Forecasting of workload and required staff

Involvement of employees into the scheduling process

Management of working times and accounts

Analysis and monitoring of the entire process

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

error-prone manual HR/ Payroll methods

Appraisal Manager

Performance Assessment

A performance management system aids managers in monitoring and developing employee performance over time. These strategies assist leaders develop their talent for peak performance while also ensuring that people are working productively toward synchronized company goals.

Effective performance management systems have characteristics that enable managers to continually engage and encourage their workforce, minimize attrition, and improve corporate results.

To measure performance accurately

To close employee skills gaps with effective coaching

To discuss employee goals — both personal and professional

To increase employee morale and reduce turnover

To show adequate appreciation for employees’ work

To create a foundation of trust between employees and their managers

To create a path to success for all employees

To increase company-wide alignment

To drive the outcomes that matter to your business


Payroll & Benefits

The more complexities you face for small, medium or large hospitals, all solutions are together being an automated software system. The most effective Payroll Software customized, full-service HR and Payroll Systems that streamlines and automates payroll processes, state/federal tax calculations, employee management, pay data entry, and more while maintaining compliance, offloading administrative burdens, reducing risks, and saving businesses more time & money.

Employee Self-Service

Tax Calculations & Filing

Expense Management

Accounting & Time-Tracking

Compliance Dashboard

Single Sign-On (SSO

Multi-State Payroll

Custom Reporting Modules

salary adjustment
Time & Leave Master

Time & Leave Master

Employee time-off requests are easier to track, manage, and record with the aid of a leave management system. Its major goal is to fairly process leave requests from workers while guaranteeing that their absence from the office has no negative effects on the company.

Maintaining employee satisfaction

Verifying adherence to business policies

Ensuring legal compliance

Powerful reports and trends

Team holiday management

Absence reports for payroll processing

Leave approvals with notifications

Track remote work

Setup different rules for different employees

Paid and unpaid leave status

Task Manager

Task Manager

Our user-friendly system makes bookings for group travel simpler for tour operators, organizers, and travelers. We are that logical middleware platform that can help you reduce latency in your travel function and find every opportunity to effectively and intelligently regulate travel expenditures.

Creates an itinerary for the booking

Uploads, attaches and deletes relevant documents

Payment Requests

Compiles booking documents, tickets and vouchers

Manages Suppliers Information

Works with your accounting software

Task creation


From the perspective of human resources, employee compensation appears slightly different. Human resource management’s notion of employee remuneration is a tool that may be utilized to improve the business and fulfil customer requirements. In order to ensure that the business hires the finest applicants, retains personnel, and maintains employee morale, human resources employs remuneration as a tool.


Overtime pay

Bonuses and commissions (discretionary and non-discretionary)



Sign-on bonuses

Merit pay

Relocation bonuses

Housing, school, and meal reimbursement

Retirement (defined benefit and defined contribution plans)

Employee Engagement

Businesses may automate task planning, task scheduling, progress reporting, and time monitoring with task management software. To achieve project deadlines, project managers utilize task management software to keep track of the time spent on each activity, plan their budgets, set reminders, and tag tasks.

Create and prioritize tasks

Collaborate with teams with Customized workspace

Checklists with stages to specify project flow

Link Tasks with key results

Exclusive Task dashboard to view Team’s progress


An employee profile tells the whole narrative of each team member. Getting the most out of workers’ skills is crucial for a firm to operate at its peak efficiency. It is crucial to focus on the specifics of each individual in order to achieve this. As you know, accessing a large multinational company’s employee information can be a big hassle unless you store profiles in reliable, user-friendly employee profile management.

Job Information

Consolidating Remote Employees

Enabling a Robust Network of Employees

Searching for Talent

Onboarding New Employees

Performance Reviews



Connect With Remote Workers

Improve Working Relationships

Employee Termination and reactivation

Job history and add history records

Upload attachments

Talent Sourcing

Top 6 benefits of an

Cloud HR Software

Employee Documents

With our Cloud HR-MerticS Software, you can manage and secure your employee information in a confidential manner. However, the probing eyes never cease meddling, so they undermine the whole HRMS system. The HR department can only keep them safe to a certain extent. Not only protects the security and secrecy of each employee’s documents, and also any other information that the HR department decides not to release.

Employee Experience

Both HR employees and non-HR employees have the proficiency to manage their own benefits by using our HR-MetricS Software. This feeling can boost morale throughout the organization to play a role in enhancing the employee experience. Some examples include measuring sentiment regularly with pulse surveys, and offering discounts on benefits through gamification.

Efficiency & Productivity

There's no doubt with our trailblazing HRMS systems to reap out impressive gains in skill retention while freeing HR staff for value-added projects and minimizing audit findings. Almost 80% of organizations are using Cloud HR software to streamline information gathering or add process efficiencies.

Reduced Errors

Manual errors can result in the most serious complications both financial and legal for that it required time correct mistakes. Nevertheless, with our Cloud HRMS system, you can reduce errors in an automated manner and in high-value areas for all businesses. It helps to keep everything functional in the proper manner.

Streamlined Onboarding

With our noteworthy HR-MetricS platforms, you can ensure a smooth onboarding process for new hires help to get settled into their new roles quicker, and creates a great first impression of your organization. They can have a paperless onboarding option. Electronic document retention makes it easier to maintain the information.

Cost Savings

Managing HR-payroll system and benefits costs is a top priority for all organizations, given that salaries, payroll taxes, and benefits are generally among the largest line items. HR management systems provide human resources teams with a number of ways to save, without cutting back on the employee experience. By better tracking data around benefits, a company has more leverage to negotiate rates with carriers.

Frequently Asked Questions

HR software is an end-to-end digital solution that automates HR processes (from onboarding to retirement), simplifies employee management and delivers actionable data to aid organisation’s growth.. It’s a unified platform that offers different modules in one place – payroll software,
attendance management software, employee engagement software, performance management software and many more. Oftentimes, HR software is also called human resource management systems , human capital management (HCM) and Human resources information systems (HRIS).

An HR Software assists the Human Department of an organization by automating end to end HR processes from onboarding to retirement and keeping the employee data in order. With an efficient HR Solution, the administrative burden of HRs are reduced and their productivity is increased manifold with elimination of repetitive tasks.

There are numerous HR processes in an organization that consists of repetitive tasks and require record keeping of employees data in different stages of the Employee Life Cycle. When an HR manually performs these tasks, the time consumption goes higher, for eg. whenever there is an open position, an HR is required to manually draft the job description and update the vacant position on different portals, while this can be easily achieved with the Recruitment solution in a few taps.

Similarly, the payroll function of an organization is processed every month where an HR spends his most time in preparing accurate paid inputs, maintains multiple spreadsheets and checks for errors several times before finally crediting the salaries to employees’ accounts.

All this & more could be achieved in a few clicks with .It’s imperative that in order to save time, efforts and expedite HR processes and productivity, a company must invest in an HR Software.

Minimum features that an HR software must have Centralized employee database, employee self-service, HR reporting, ease of use, payroll management, attendance & time management, and performance review management.

If you are looking for HR software for startups or HR software for medium businesses and enterprises, start by deciding on what requirements you want it to fulfil, what’s your price range and, lastly, what should the HR system achieve. Next, keep this add-on checklist handy when making a choice – user friendly, privacy and security, remote accessibility, cloud service and customizability.

If you are looking for HR software for startups or HR software for medium businesses and enterprises, start by deciding on what requirements you want it to fulfil, what’s your price range and, lastly, what should the HR system achieve. Next, keep this add-on checklist handy when making a choice – user friendly, privacy and security, remote accessibility, cloud service and customizability.

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HR Metrics is an HRMS Software that takes pride in its distinguished approach to help all the businesses across India automate their HR functions. We wish for everyone to get the B2C application experience in a B2B one. Instead of making you come to us, we come to you. HR Metrics experts are available locally around or at the place you are. Here is a list of all the prime cities HR Metrics HRMS Software experts are available at.


PF, Expatriate Service,Work Visa management, Job Contract, Regional language Travel Management,Government KYC,


TDS, Pension, Tax, EPF, ESI,Profisional TAX, Leave,ect.


Pension, Income Tax,Leave Entitlement,Insurance, Reg. language,Gov KYC Complaints.

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The transparency brought in MetricSys is what is favoured by staff like me. Seeing own attendance, adjustment, visibility of leave balances and details of taken leaves of all colleagues of the department makes it easier for me to plan my leave ahead. Provision to apply for any facility and the status of it provides confidence and doesn’t waste anyone’s time.

Marketing Executive

( Alia Investments Pvt.Ltd )


Manually managing about 200 employee leaves, attendance records and the monthly attendance reports was at least a weeklong job, prone to human errors; in short a nightmare. MetricSys has given a one click solution to it. Also the incorporation of Employment Contracts in both English and Divehi, Job Descriptions and various references required by staff had saved considerable time of HR department and the employees.

HR & Admin Executive

( Alia Investments Pvt.Ltd )

Ahmed Saeed

Quite frankly the limited space here to describe the productivity and efficiency brought into our operations by the Business Solutions (BSOL) can never do justice to it. As everyone agrees, the most important resource on which the performance of any organization relies heavily on is the human resource. Looking at one aspect of BSOL, The BSOL is a complete solution not only for the HR Department to manage the employees efficiently.

General Manager

( Alia Investments Pvt.Ltd )


What earlier took about 10 days every month in various salary related work, has been cut down to just one click by Payroll Manager of MetricSys. MetricSys provides a headache free, guaranteed, accurate salary report. What not, the Bank transfer letters, salary slips and all are compiled with one click.

Senior Accountant

( Alia Investments Pvt.Ltd )

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Almost 73.2% of HRs’ time is wasted in doing tedious administrative tasks manually while more than 56% of the tasks they perform can be fully automated. With HR MetricS HRMS Software not only do the HRs get to save 20 hours or more per week but also do it all with a single highly integrable application on their desktop and mobile.
While all the functions run on autopilot with little or no human help, the HRs get time to do tasks that actually need their attention like Interviewing, negotiating and working on key metrics of importance like employee attrition, happiness, satisfaction and more.
We are claimed by our clients as the best HR software / HRIS software for even more reason than these. Fill the form now!

Third Party Integration

We also integrate with different types of access control devices. Integration with other application can be done on request.





Sage 50


Sage 300 ERP



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HR MetricS is an brainy enterprise-ready HCM suite that robotic HR processes, simplifies human interactions and delivers actionable insights to build better workplaces. Execute more than 50+ tasks using HR MetricS software mobile application available both on Android and iOS, free of cost and give your HR & employees the freedom to use HR services on the go – anytime, anywhere. HR MetricS is the one of the enrich leading products produced by Systems Solutions Private Limited in Maldives . To get on more information about our service provider generously visit on our corporate website (

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